At Piñera del Olmo Canals


At Piñera del Olmo Canals, finding success for clients is our first priority. Our firm works with clients both in Spain and internationally. We understand the challenges faced by non-Spanish individuals and businesses in Spain.

Piñera del Olmo Canals has agreements with U.S., European and Latin-American firms. Our lawyers have had successful experiences in cases involving international trading.

We also work directly with many businesses, ranging from small start-ups to large national and international corporations.

Our work often takes us to other parts of Catalonia, Spain and other countries. Our online prescence means that we are easily contactable via the most suitable method for you. This could include contact via telephone, email, Skype call, or a visit to our main office. We always ask the client for their preferred method of contact.

Our Spanish Lawyers at Piñera del Olmo Canals practice all areas of law. We regularly work with Criminal Law cases, in which we specialise. Furthermore, should you be looking for an immigration lawyer, our firm can provide expert advice for your move to Spain.

We also have a department which specialises intraffic accidents and medical malpractice. Our team regularly help clients to receive compensationfrom insurance providers.